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Carina sightings: tuned Carina Surf (van) with 20v 4AGE blacktop

I came across this very nice tuned and lowered Carina Surf:
Tuned Carina Surf (van) with 4age 20v blacktopTuned Carina Surf (van) with 4age 20v blacktopTuned Carina Surf (van) with 4age 20v blacktop
I must say it is not overdone and these rims fit the car very well!

The Surf is the public version of he Carina Van and came standard with a 1S 1800cc engine and had a solid rear axle (like my TA60). Basically it is the same as the Van, but it is more luxurious.

This car has been tuned with a 20v 4AGE blacktop:
20v 4age blacktop in Carina SurfOriginal gauge cluster
But it still got the originial gauge cluster. Why isn’t there a aftermarket revmeter? Perhaps the owner doesn’t stress the car??

The car has also a bed in it. Must be really comfortable for all those meetings the owner is attending. 😉
Even a bed in the Carina Surf

And it is not the only nicely tuned Carina Surf/Van around:
Carina Surf next to other Carina vans
Next to it you can see the famous very lowered Carina Firevan!

Also a strange thing: I can’t find the owner of the Carina Firevan. I can only find it in pictures of other people attending meetings. Did anyone else find the owner yet?

??? ???????

Japanese Nostalgic Car subscription

Yesterday I decided upon taking a subscription on Japanese Nostalgic Car magazine and also bought some of their fine stickers. Of course I took the subscription including the first issue!

This is what the first issue looks like:
Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine issue 1

The issue features the Datsun 240Z, 510, 40th anniversary of the Mazda Rotary, 50th birthday of the Skyline and much more. Can’t wait to hold the first issue actually in my hands and read about all the stories.

Great to see how the new media can make a switch to the old media as well. 😉

Google Adsense sandbox tool

Today I found this great tool:

It enables you to view which Adsense banners are shown in certain countries.

The great thing about that is that you can see different targeting per country. For instance: I’m living in The Netherlands which means that my targeting is in the best case some link to Nissan or Toyota dealers. Not a really good targeting IMO.

However if I’m looking at what people from the US receive makes me a bit more happy: “Initial D ringtones”, “Nissan Skyline R34 for sale”, “Nitrox RC cars”. 🙂

And I just removed the larger Google Adsense banner two days ago in favor for banners… 🙁

Initial D: Initial D World Eurobeat shoutcast stream

During programming at work I like to listen to some music because I can concentrate more and it makes me focus much more upon the progamming instead of being distracted by colleagues.

Today I really was looking for some Super Eurobeat because I needed to speed up the typing even more… So I started looking for an Eurobeat shoutcast stream. Then I discovered Initial D World opened a shoutcast stream featuring Eurobeat on the 16th of April last year. Talk about nice birthday present more than a year afterwards. 😉

They say that Eurobeat will be broadcasted at least 12 hours a day between 4:00 AM ~ 4:00 PM PST, and the rest of the time it will be filled up with DJ sets and some other music whenever needed. Currently it should be Trance and Eurobeat, however I currently only hear Eurobeat…

This is their current schedule:
Initial D World DJ Schedule

You can find the stream here:
Initial D World Shoutcast stream

Initial D: GBA Initial D game movies

Aah, I still remember having the Initial D game on the GBA emulator… I tried and tried to remember all options, figure out what the best option per corner would be. But I sucked soooo hard at this game I gave up after trying it for a day or something.

It’s great to see some people collected their walkthough on Youtube now! Take this Keisuke vs Takumi walkthrough for instance:

I love the oldschool GBA music (mostly Eurobeat in sid/gsf/chiptune) and the graphics are very nicely animated as well! Those Wantanabes are really well done!

This is a lot better than those crappy Initial D flashgames I collected. 😉

Some other videos:
Mako (Sil80) vs Takumi
Nazakato (BNR32) vs Takumi
Shingo (EG6) vs Takumi
Bunta (AE86) vs Takumi

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