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Carina sightings: Austrian Carina GL on Flickr

I found this Carina GL TA60 on Flickr and I suspect it is from Austria. I really like the coloring by the photographer and I think it is called Fuji Colorshift (it is in an album called like that).
Nice colored Austrian Carina GL

Apparently the GL had a better trim than the DX: it features a backseat with raised headrests instead of the flat backseat my DX has…
Carina GL with more expensive back seat

Perhaps I should look for a GL backseat in Austria then! :)

Carina sightings: tuned Carina Surf (van) with 20v 4AGE blacktop

I came across this very nice tuned and lowered Carina Surf:
Tuned Carina Surf (van) with 4age 20v blacktopTuned Carina Surf (van) with 4age 20v blacktopTuned Carina Surf (van) with 4age 20v blacktop
I must say it is not overdone and these rims fit the car very well!

The Surf is the public version of he Carina Van and came standard with a 1S 1800cc engine and had a solid rear axle (like my TA60). Basically it is the same as the Van, but it is more luxurious.

This car has been tuned with a 20v 4AGE blacktop:
20v 4age blacktop in Carina SurfOriginal gauge cluster
But it still got the originial gauge cluster. Why isn’t there a aftermarket revmeter? Perhaps the owner doesn’t stress the car??

The car has also a bed in it. Must be really comfortable for all those meetings the owner is attending. ;)
Even a bed in the Carina Surf

And it is not the only nicely tuned Carina Surf/Van around:
Carina Surf next to other Carina vans
Next to it you can see the famous very lowered Carina Firevan!

Also a strange thing: I can’t find the owner of the Carina Firevan. I can only find it in pictures of other people attending meetings. Did anyone else find the owner yet?

??? ???????

Carina sightings: From Bejing with love

I’m going to add another section: Carina Sightings.

This section will contain sightings in films, magazines and other references and will be updated regularly.

Today I have Gwok chaan Ling Ling Chat (From Bejing with love) which is a Chinese action movie with Steven Chow. I really like the description of the plot by IMDB: An incompetent 007-wannabe is sent to locate a stolen dinosaur skull

One of the agents tries to escape with a Carina (I suspect SG by looking at he trim so type would be SA60 or AA60) and the man she just assassinated steps in (bulletproof vest) and joins her. Some Jaws lookalike cyborg guy stops the car by lifting it while they try to overrun him full throttle and doing a burnout. After they shoot him he lets go and they manage to finally overrun him.

The trunk of the carina features at 1:01 in this trailer:

I don’t really have the idea that the Carina is the highlight of the movie… Lucky enough I really like the wannabe 007 and his enternal cigarette so that makes up for it. ;)

The movie itself is very enjoyable. It’s a slapstick Hong Kong action movie from the late 1980s. Steven Chow is at the height of his career. So what more do you want? Go watch it!


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