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Itasha: Super Sonico Stratos

Super Sonico what? You read it right: a Lancia Stratos Itasha: Super Sonico Stratos Itasha

Itasha airbagged Lancer Evo V

I know: airbagged cars and Itasha don’t mix, but these airbags are a different kind of airbags: they replace the original item of this Lancer Evo V: Airbags in an itasha Lancer Evo V Yes, that’s of course the perfect airbags for an anime loving itasha owner! 😉 Just for the record, this is how…

Itasha: Tokyo Auto Salon 2010

Itasha: this year will be big!

A new year has started, so let’s bring on the predictions for the upcoming year! My first prediction will be that Itasha will become big! Maybe not outside Japan, but surely it will become BIG in Japan! As you can see in this video at 4:05 even Isami Amemiya is picking up the trend! So…

Merry Christmas!

I hope Santa will give you the best JDM presents under your tree! Maybe a nice calendar or an Itasha? Merry Christmas, everyone!

Itasha: not every Japanese knows its meaning!

You may think every Japanese citizen would know the meaning of Itasha (??), however as this video explains they do not… The word Itasha is a word that consists of the words Itai (?) and Sha (?), meaning Painful and Vehicle. Painful is used in a way that it means painful for the wallet. The…