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Site updates!

As you may have noticed I made some minor site updates in the past few days!

Logo changed
I changed the logo to a bit more car related logo. The old logo showed a set of Celica Supra rims in a close-up but it wasn’t really clear immediately that you are on a car related site. Hopefully it is clearer this way. ;)

I opened up a Banpei Facebook fan page!
It will contain all updates from all blogs I write for and some other interesting links I encounter daily.

If you are not a fan yet, you can become one directly by clicking on the link in the fanbox:

Sidebar from left to right
I changed the sidebar back from left to right. It simply wasn’t working correct under all browsers and I wanted to be able to post content to Facebook. Facebook interpreted the left sidebar as the actual content. :(
So, if anyone still has problems with the display of the sidebar: please contact me!

Changed banners
I removed the banner from the sidebar. It freed up a bit of space there and the sidebar looks a lot better now! Instead of that banner I put up a big leaderboard at the top of the page. There is not much content yet, but there will be a lot more interesting content there as well.
Also if you wish to advertise there or any other place at my site: please contact me! ;)

Mazda Capella sold as autobahn stürmer?

Have a look at this 1978 Mazda Capella ad:

At first, I didn’t really notice, but this Japanese advertisement for the Mazda Capella is shot on the German Autobahn in the late 70s with a German License plate. By passing the BMW 3 series it looks like Mazda is saying they build a better autobahn stürmer than the BMW 3 series. However, this second generation Capella did not feature a Wankel engine like the Capella 616-based RX-2 did. It would really have been a slap in the face if it did have the Wankel engine: the German invention made to perfection by Japanese engineers and sold with a Japanese hardtop coupe as an autobahn stürmer. IMO a missed opportunity…

RS Wantanabe wheel advertisement

Came across this nice advertisement of the RS Wantanabe on Youtube:

It features a Nissan (Datsun) Bluebird 910 coupe driving a rally and the wheels are the famous 8 spoke RS (Racing Service) Wantanabe rims, which we all know from Initial D. ;)

Nice to see those rims being advertised back in the 80s!

Toyota advertising touge drifting in 1982

This kind of amazed me: Toyota actually advertised touge drifting!!
This 1982 Starlet advertisement shows Ove Andersson drifting a Starlet down a mountain:

Only a year after this commercial they released the AE86 which became the icon for touge drifting. However nowadays Toyota keeps a lot of distance from most racing sports. Especially anything getting near road-racing, like drifting for example.

Google Adsense sandbox tool

Today I found this great tool:

It enables you to view which Adsense banners are shown in certain countries.

The great thing about that is that you can see different targeting per country. For instance: I’m living in The Netherlands which means that my targeting is in the best case some link to Nissan or Toyota dealers. Not a really good targeting IMO.

However if I’m looking at what people from the US receive makes me a bit more happy: “Initial D ringtones”, “Nissan Skyline R34 for sale”, “Nitrox RC cars”. :)

And I just removed the larger Google Adsense banner two days ago in favor for banners… :(

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