How easy is it to remember a URL that contains DR30 and FJ20ET? The Nissan Skyline DR30 below features a FJ20ET so naturally for any JDM car nut it is easy to remember:
WTF FJ20ET Friends meeting at Tsururingu
It was not really visible when I first spotted this photo of the first FJ20ET Friends meeting at Tsururingu, but there was a whole “short” and “easy” url on the spoiler of the DR30.

It is a pity that WordPress does allow me to do quotes around the easy part as the first part of the url is, at least for a non Japanese person, difficult to remember. See for yourself:
WTF FJ20ET Friends meeting at Tsururingu
Now the short url is:
So I typed it in my browser and it redirected me to this url:
Look at the horror of that url: it sounds more like the half of the md5-sum of the owners name! Once I saw this I realized why that DR30FJ20ET url is easier to remember. ;)
If you don’t know what the md5-sum is: it is a message digest often used in cryptography to encrypt strings one way and compare them. See also: MD5 explained

Photos via DR30 Skyline @ Minkara