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Brilliant: Toyota Carina GT-TR digital dashboard

As a follow up on yesterdays Mitsubishi Starion digital dashboard post I wanted to show the difference with the Toyota Carina GT-TR TA63 digital dashboard:
Toyota Carina GT-TR TA63 Digital Dashboard
As I wrote yesterday: the Starion dashboard has a lot more gauges than the Toyota counterpart, but the Toyota digital dashboard is a lot brighter with many more LEDs. On the left you can see the failure indicators (including oil pressure, oil temperature and voltage) and the indicator if the turbo is boosting or not. On the right you can see the fuel gauge and water temperature gauge as LEDs. A lot brighter than the Starion indeed.

Now if you compare the digital dashboard with the analogue below you immediately can see the difference: the analogue has an extra oil pressure gauge and features all the failure indicators on the right.

Just like the Starion, you can see the Toyota Carina GT-TR digital dashboard in action below:

If I can I will share more digital dashboards, but to do so I need additional footage. If you have a digital dashboard from the early 80s in your car, please make a photo/video and share it! :)

Direct link to video: TA63 カリーナ エンジン 3T-GTE

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    Me podrás conseguir la conexión de este tablero digital

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