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Friday Video: Honda City Turbo II drifted by Nomuken

It’s Friday so here is another video to enjoy: Nomuken drifting a Honda City Turbo II!
Friday Video: Nomuken drifting a Honda City Turbo II
You can actually drift a Honda City Turbo II then? I thought they were front wheel drive!

Well yes you can: with a little bit of help from the handbrake and a Toyota Starlet Glanza V EP91 Turbo engine. The Honda City Turbo II also got the nickname bulldog, so does the Chihuahua refer back to the Toyota Starlet? Like a fancy dressed up hairless skinny bulldog?

Judge for yourself in the video:

Some background info on the engines: the Honda City Turbo II featured the Honda 1.2 litre turbo charged ER engine with an output of 110ps (108hp) but apparently that wasn’t enough for this yellow City: it has been swapped for the Toyota 1.3 litre turbo charged 4E-FTE Starlet Glanza V engine. Why? Well I suppose the Toyota 4E-FTE is a bit more potent than the aging Honda ER engine.

Direct link to video: 珍ドリ:のむけんドリフトできるのか?Honda City FF Drifting


  1. Michael

    Hello, Honda City Turbo Owner here in Perth WA!

    • banpei

      Liked your FB page! Awesome!

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