When the Daihatsu Mira Gino (also known as the Trevis abroad) arrived the car world immediately spotted the similarities between the Mira Gino and the original 60s Mini. It was like Daihatsu made the missing link between the original Mini and the new (BMW) Mini. Now with a little bit of dressing up you can actually make the Mira Gino look like the original Mini:
WTF Dauhatsu Mira Gino
Winged Mini inspired logo, walnut veneer all over the place, Mini slated grille and those round indicator lights at the front make it look like 00s meets 60s.

Even the Rallye Monte Carlo lookalike roof-rack and plate look convincing:

The new Mira Gino (and Trevis) are now influenced by the BWM Mini, so you can also make your second generation look like one!

Direct link to video: DAIHATSU Mira Custom car ダイハツ ミラ L700/710型