Yesterday I posted a documentary on the Toyota Crown and in one of the scenes I spotted a very familiar background:
Commercial time: Toyota Crown S120 in the Netherlands
You just feel immediately with your entire body when you see your home country used in the background of a movie, so obviously I immediately recognized the Netherlands in this documentary when they displayed the Toyota Crown S120.

As the majority of the documentary consists out of footage of old ads I started to investigate the Toyota Crown S120 ads and found the one that actually takes place in the Netherlands:

The Toyota Crown S120 in this ad is a RHD model and it passes two motorcycles on a country road in our nice polder landscape. Then the next scene is shot side profile while the Crown passes all these lovely-typically-Dutch dyke houses and a windmill (you have to carefully look to recognize it). Also somewhere in the background large concrete flats can be seen so I’m almost 100% sure the footage for this ad was shot nearby Zaandam.

Now the big question is: what was this RHD Crown doing in the Netherlands in the first place?
(I know: it is all promotion so don’t take that question too seriously…)

Direct link to video: S120型クラウン前期CM 30秒