After yesterdays TOMs Corolla Group 5 I was searching for Group 5 cars and found this Tomica Gazelle.
Wait a minute! Isn’t that supposed to read Tomica Skyline Super Silhouette replica?
No, it isn’t! This is all about the Tomica Nissan Gazelle S12 Super Silhouette replica:
Tomica Nissan Gazelle S12 Super Silhouette
Yes, someone made a replica of the Tomica Skyline Super Silhouette racer in the early 90s but used a Nissan Gazelle S12 body for that. He even included all correct livery… WTF?!

You can watch the video below:

The video is taken from, probably, a Champ Road VHS tape and then cut up in smaller pieces. So if you are interested do check out the poster of the video. ;)

Direct link to video: 旧車會 改造車 昭和61年式 ガゼール シルエットフォーミュラ トミカ シャコタン