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Family Album Treasures: Toyota Carina ED ST-X

One of the nice things about the merger between the Corona and Carina lineups was that Toyota made it possible to create a better follow up on the Toyota Celica Camry: the Toyota Carina ED. So basically Toyota now offered a Corona sized car with the performance image of the Celica!
Family Album Treasures - Toyota Carina ED ST-X ST162
Today’s Family Album Treasure is one of the first generation Toyota Carina ED models: the AT160 in this case. Even better: the car pictured here is a Carina ED 1600 ST-X which means it features the 4A-GELU and makes it the model just below the Toyota Carina ED GT-R model that featured the 3S-GELU engine.
Now that’s something I would add to my Family Album any day. 😉

Edit: As you can read in the comments below it is not the Carina ED AT160 but actually the Carina AT151

Found at: Minkara


  1. Ievhenii

    It’s not a Carina ED on photo! That is the Carina-FF on T150/160 chassis. That car was a sister of Corona on T150/160 chassis. But Corona had a more sleek lines and a more modern design for those years.

    • banpei

      Thanks for the correction!
      You are entirely right here and I have mistaken the Carina AT151 and Carina ED AT160, so I stand corrected here.
      I can’t edit the posting as the text would be out of context, so I made a small correction underneath.

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