Back in the early 70s Mazda and Nissan fought for the grand championships with their rotaries (RX-2 and RX-3) and their Skyline GT-Rs (KPGC10 and PGC10) and Best Motoring is reliving those fierce battles with a bit more modern machines in Hot Version 52 (Rotary vs Skyline):
Friday Video: Rotary vs Skyline
Unfortunately by the time Group 5 races emerged in Japan this meant the cars used never were the actual production cars anymore. So what Best Motoring did was to line up cars that never battled with each other and they range from early 80s till early noughties.

My personal favorite is the battle between the Mazda RX7 SA22C (tuned by REOS) and the Nissan Skyline RS Turbo DR30 (tuned by Escort) and you can watch this battle in the video below:
Unfortunately this video has been removed from Youtube.

Rotary vs Skyline

The two cars are quite different in setup, but the two of them came from a Group 5 era where they fought against each other. The rotary vs Skyline battle has been going on for decades. Nissan always out powered Mazda, but Mazda always had the lighter and better handling cars. Compare it as hammering a nail in a wall using a very big and heavy hammer or with a very small but precise hammer. Both of them will do the job, but not in the same way. ;)

This video also includes the recap of the 70s battleground and driving the legends from that era.

The second part of this episode includes the battle between two Mazda RX7s FD3S (tuned by Auto Land Yamagata and Pan Speed) and two Nissan Skylines BNR34 (tuned by Nismo and MCR):

This certainly one of the most thrilling battles ever in the Best Motoring series. It is an ever ongoing rivalry between the two power houses with the Rotary vs Skyline battle. Also in here the Skylines are out powering the rotary Mazdas, but the handling by the Mazda RX-7s is just incredible! Such a close battle between all four cars!