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Japanese Rustoseums: Toyota Celica 2000GT RA25

A few days ago I asked Daniel O’Grady a similar question: why do the Japanese cars in Japan rust from the top down while they rust from the bottom up on the European soil?
Japanese Rustoseums Toyota Celica 2000 GT RA25
It is funny because I can explain the European bottom up rust: we simply put salt on our roads during wintertime to fight ice and snow. However why the cars in Japan tend to rust from the top is a mystery to me…

Anyway, this beautifully crusty brown (photographed in black and white) Toyota Celica 2000GT RA25 is a good example of the top down rust:
Japanese Rustoseums Toyota Celica 2000 GT RA25
Anyone got the answer to my question?

Found at Gagaga7310


  1. madfaber

    I am guessing cause the top srfaces of the cars get sunbsked till the paint peels then the salty ocean air goes to work and does the rest

    • banpei

      Yes, that could be a viable answer. Thanks! :)

  2. Skili19

    It could be because there is salt in the air from sea or maybe they have more aggressive rain or something like that.

    • banpei

      That would be viable answers I guess.

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