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Carina Sightings: burning out in Norway

RWD car? Check!
Brake pedal pressed? Check!
Revving to 5600 rpm? Check!
Release clutch in first gear? Check!
TA60 Burnout in Norway!
That’s about the checklist of these Norwegian guys with their Carina TA60.

Given the fact that both wheels keep spinning I reckon they either welded the diff or used a Celica LSD.

Direct link to video: Toyota Carina TA60


  1. holger hot

    The diff is original and just well used :P

    Norwegia ae86 owner :)

    • banpei

      Thanks! Never knew the Carina open diff could handle that. Mine always slows down one side if I try to make it slide in turns. :(

  2. Tor

    Wow, funny to see my car here :D
    It’s a stock diff, but it’s about to break :p
    This picture is taken 1 week later:

    • banpei

      That looks nasty! :o

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