Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Commercial time: the Hoshino twins drive Silvias!

Back in 1982 Kazuyoshi Hoshino was the star of the Grand Championships around Japan: he both competed within the long distance Group C races and also in the more popular Group 5 (aka Super Silhouette) races where he drove his Hoshino Impul Silvia:
Hoshino Impul Silvia advertisement
Two races on the same day: isn’t that a bit too much for a man?

Now this advertisement from 1982 shows you how he pulled off that trick:

Apparently he just had his twin brother stand in! :D

Direct link to video: 1982 NISSAN SILVIA Ad

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  1. Nigel

    Wow and all this time I thought the pronunciation was Silvia.
    It’s Shil-via. (ha-ha)
    Cool commercial.

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