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WTF: Aussie Spares Datsun C110 banger racer

Apparently Aussie Spares only cares for Vailiant, Falcon and Holden and not for vintage JDM tin…
Aussie Spares Datsun 240K banger racer
I think Ken and Mary would disapprove…


  1. Thomas

    Are you sure it’s a banger? Looks like a lot of work carried out on it for a Banger, looks more like a Stock-Rod or something like that, which is not for 1 event. Still a shame though :)

    • banpei

      I guess Stock-Rod and Banger Racer are almost synonyms in my dictionary. ;)

  2. Nat

    This what us Australians would call a Street Stock or a Modified Production Speedway car. It is proper dirt track oval racing and certainyl not the same as banger racing over in the UK. Even our banger equivalent (fender benders) are built ot last more than one race.

    I’d rather see an old car used for racing rather than rot in a paddock somewhere

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