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Ebay treasures: yellow RexSeven

I can imagine people thinking the first generation RX7 (SA22 and FB) looks outdated. So obviously you want to update the looks of it and just model it after some newer model… Well, this little SA22 (for sale on Marktplaats) does have some updated looks!
yellow rx7 for sale on Marktplaats
First of all: the tail lights are clearly influenced by the Ferrari 575. But if you look closer to the design you can spot they are actually Opel GT tail lights.

Then we move to the front of the car:
yellow rx7 for sale on Marktplaats
Somehow it reminds me of another RX7… The FC??
Also the removal of the bumpers give me a feeling I’m looking at a yellow Corvette C5…

Last but not least: the ad mentions the car features a 1400cc wankel engine. Well I’ve never heard of Mazda ever producing such engine. Let’s have a look under the hood:
yellow rx7 for sale on Marktplaats
Looks like the stock 12A to me…

In case you are interested in RexSeven, you can find it for sale here: RX7 at Marktplaats


  1. ken nakajima

    oh if only i had enough euros in my bank account id buy this

  2. Nigel

    Lights from the baby Corvette.
    This one is cool, with a few nice ways to change the look of the car.

    • Art Van Scheppingen

      I’m happy the owner didn’t install the headlights of the baby corvette. ;)

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