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Carina Sightings: rare Carina RA63 for sale!

The 18R-GEU engine was inherited from the two previous generations of Carinas (like the Über Rare Carina RA45), so naturally it found its way into the new A60 generation. But not for long: Toyota struck a deal with Yamaha for a couple of new engines including the 4A-GE (replacing the 2T-GEU) and the 3T-GTE (replacing the 18R-GEU) engines for their high performance models.
Rare Carina ra63 2000 gt
In october 1982 the 18R-GEU was replaced first by the 3T-GEU and the 2T-GEU was replaced in may 1983. In the end the Carina RA63 has only been sold for thirteen months in total…

This Carina RA63 only covered 125k kilometers, so that means at least an overhaul for this 18R-GEU engine:
Rare Carina ra63: 18r-geu
Yes it looks a bit tired but after a small rebuild it would be just as great as when it came out of the factory!

Positive thing is that the interior looks that way:
Rare Carina ra63 2000 gt
I personally do like the later type interior of the Carina GTs better: this interior only suits low grade cars (like mine ;) ) but not this top of the line RA63!

Apart from the ill fitted SSR Longchamps XR4 it is also packed with air-conditioning an cruise control:
Rare Carina ra63 2000 gt
The ride height can be fixed and then the SSR Longchamp rims will just look perfectly fine…

The only problem with this Carina is its price tag: 450000 yen (5800 US dollar) is not just something you pay for a 30 year old Carina! Then again: it is the rarest of them all, so if you are willing to pay such a price, you can find it for sale here: Carina RA63 at Goo-net.


  1. Lay

    Is this carina still for sale I am interested in it thanks

    • banpei

      Hi Lay,
      The car is no longer on Goo-Net, so I don’t think it is for sale anymore…

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