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DOTS: Toyota Celica GT liftback RA64

At the day of my arrival in the SF Bay area I went to the Santa Clara mall and parked at the top. I immediately noticed this Celica GT Liftback parked so I parked right next to it and took a few snapshots (including some B/W following later).
Down at the mall: Toyota Celica GT RA64
Down at the mall: Toyota Celica GT RA64

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I suspect it is the 22R powered RA64 model since no other US models are marketed as a GT (or GT-S).

The paintjob on this Celica has seen better days, just like a lot of other 15+ year old cars I spotted. I now understand why cars in California need a new paintjob regularly. ;)


  1. Coopey


    Really cool find! The US-Spec Celica liftback GT featured the 22R-EC engine, so its code was actually RA65.


    • Jun

      hey, and the above is incorrect, all gt and st models(84-85)are RA64, the gts models are ra65 with which includes the 82-83 with the gt “sport package,” not sport packaged 82-83 gt are RA64. all 82-85 celicas had the 22r. The above pictured is an 84-85 GT, RA64.

      • banpei

        Thanks! What did the sport package include then? Side skirts and well known Celica Supra seats?

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