Commercial time: Jumping beater Celica A60

March 23, 2013 in Commerical time

What better way to promote your auto parts shop than by jumping a beater Celica A60?
Flying Toyota Celica RA64!

Shortly before it jumps you can see it is the facelifted model. video on the next page!

ITT 2012: Celicas from the Alpes!

July 16, 2012 in Events

I must say I’ve been quite lazy the past week. After attending the Internationaal Toyota Treffen in Gemert this year (the Dutch Toyota club TACN existed 20 years so ITT was held instead of the regular JCS) I left the photos on my camera in the past week without even uploading them anywhere. Let’s just say I’m too busy lately. 😉

Anyway, the first thing I noticed were a bunch of Celicas from Switzerland where this (presumably) RA28 was the most beautiful one:
ITT: Toyota Celica GT 2000 RA28

I immediately took the opportunity and shot it from every angle possible, like this one: Read the rest of this entry →

Old advertisement: August racing rims

September 8, 2011 in old advertisement

Just refound this old advertisement with a Celica RA40 and a Pontiac Trans Am on Feroce rims somewhere in my bookmarks.
August racing feroce rims
Must say I dig the eight spokes more than the star shaped ten spokes…

DOTS: Toyota Celica GT liftback RA64

April 29, 2011 in dots

At the day of my arrival in the SF Bay area I went to the Santa Clara mall and parked at the top. I immediately noticed this Celica GT Liftback parked so I parked right next to it and took a few snapshots (including some B/W following later).
Down at the mall: Toyota Celica GT RA64
Down at the mall: Toyota Celica GT RA64

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I suspect it is the 22R powered RA64 model since no other US models are marketed as a GT (or GT-S).

The paintjob on this Celica has seen better days, just like a lot of other 15+ year old cars I spotted. I now understand why cars in California need a new paintjob regularly. 😉

Video: Austrian actor sells Japanese car collection

January 12, 2010 in video

In April last year Japanese Nostalgic Car blog wrote about the Austrian actor Roland Düringer selling his complete collection of Japanese cars. I kind of forgot about it afterwards (like most people do…) until I stumbled upon some videos on Youtube. 😉

The videos of Roland Düringer’s sales talks were shot after the posting by JNC blog and had the purpose to boost the auctions. I guess they certainly did: the Toyota Celica liftback sold for €16600!

Let’s enjoy some of the sales talks by Roland:

It is very difficult to understand and I hope your German is better than mine, otherwise it will be totally gibberish for you! 😀

Basically what he said was that the Crown was immaculate, has the 4M 6 cylinder 2600 engine, Japanese fender mirrors, skai interior and bonkers looks. The Corolla liftback is praised for its glasshouse look and only having 53000km on the odometer!

The Crown was sold for 3800 euros and the Corolla Liftback was sold for 2300 euros. Way too low for they state they were in!

So, how about another Toyota Corolla KE25 then?

This KE25 sold for 3650. Sounds like a good price for a Toyota Corolla Coupe deluxe with only 79000km on the odometer!

Something older than this? How about the Honda S800:

Sold for a well deserved 9550 euros. I love the selling point: the foglights! 😀

Something newer then? How about a 1980 Mitsubisi Sapporo:

Super rare in Austria: from what I understand this car was never sold in Austria. He had it imported (flown in to Austria) from the first owner and it still has its first paint. Sold for only 2650 euros.

Then the best car of the auction, the 1977 Toyota Celica RA28:

This car was sold by a dealer and but bought back from the buyer after 6000 kilometer! The rest of it is a bit gibberish to me, but apparently it was actually meant for the Austrian Toyota museum… The car eventually sold for 16600 euros!

A bit of a shame of the MS60, Liftback and the Sapporo, but at least the other cars sold for a good price! 🙂