Super rare: Toyota Celica Camry RA55

Super rare: Toyota Celica Camry RA55

In 1980 Toyota launched a sedan Celica variant and called it the Celica Camry but in essence it was a face-lifted luxurious version of the Carina A40. In some countries it was simply called Toyota Camry and separated two years later into a FWD upmarket sedan and liftback.

But the first generation was still one of the most awesome mid-size sedans made by Toyota because of its engines and optional IRS. The first generation had a GT version of the Celica Camry featuring the 2 liter 18R-GEU DOHC engine (head by Yamaha) with an output of 135hp and nowadays this is the most sought after Celica/Carina of its generation. Imagine how rare this immaculate Celica Camry is:
Super rare Toyota Celica Camry
Super rare Toyota Celica Camry

This picture was taken at the Showa Meeting Ver.2 held in November last year.

Found at [Showa Meeting @ Minkara]

8 Replies to “Super rare: Toyota Celica Camry RA55”

  1. Hi there I’m here in New Zealand this is a very interesting car as it happens I have one mine is 1980 Toyota celica camery it has a 3teu efi with a w55 gear box it’s labeled as a ta57 I’ve hunted for hours on the net to find out information on this do you know of any websites thanks. Jayden

    1. i have a toyota camry celica ta57 3t-eu. sx efi. rustest bucket ever 1982. np6922~ number plate. carjam plate if u want.

  2. ive put up youtube. my account “SX CAMRY”

    ~fhat skid in camry
    ~82 camry
    ~sx ta57

    if u wanna veiw

    squirrel with rpg. i think is account pic sure. or black ta57

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