Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Japanese rustoseums (part twentyfive)

In Google Analytics I saw a lot of traffic coming in from a Russian forum ( where my site was linked. It involved a request by ExperienceGT who asked if it was worth to persuade the owner of a Carina coupe TA45 to sell it and restore the car. Also in the garden this Carina coupe RA30/TA31 was rotting away next to the trash:
Toyota Carina RA30/TA31 in Russia
Toyota Carina RA30/TA30/TA31/TA32 in Russia

Even though it looks very rusted away it is definitely something worth to save! The first generation of Carina coupes is almost extinct now and, apart from the windows, it still appears to be complete. Of course you never know how badly rusted through the floorpan might be.

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  1. Killua

    Wow, it’s definitely rare. I just searched Google images and most pictures redirect to your site.

    How nice would it be if someone restored it and put a set of side draft carburetors in it. :D

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