Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Japanese rustoseums (part nineteen)

What is the chance you find two Mazda Cosmos together? One out of a billion?

So what is the chance you will see seven together?
Mazda Cosmo scrapyard
Mazda Cosmo scrapyard

I thought the Cosmo rustoseum photo I posted a year ago (mother of all rustoseum posts!) was a single incident, but apparently there were more!

According to the photographer, Komin, there were about 10 Cosmo wrecks. Only 1,519 Cosmos were (hand)built by Mazda, so imagine what this Cosmo scrapyard could possibly be worth for a collector/restorer!

Hat tip to Gred for finding this gem!
Picture originated from [Komin’s photo blog] (Check it out: very interesting and beautiful pictures!)


  1. kyteler

    Just, wow.

  2. Dex720

    So much sadness.

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