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Family Album Treasures: Carina and 280ZX buddies

I posted about this Fairlady 280ZX before in the Family Album Treasures, but this time I found a picture of him and his Carina GT-R buddy sitting on the bonnets of their cars:
Carina and 280ZX
Carina and 280ZX

Buddy pictures always should end up in the family albums. ;)


  1. jotoa

    Question(sincerely, I still don’t understand): are these photos from your family album?

    Some of them are so nostalgic, that I wish their were on mine.


  2. banpei

    Most of them are not mine (however I did post one in the past that was mine). I generally find them scattered around the internet when I’m searching on Minkara and Yahoo blogs. The reason to post them is that it is amazing how similar those pictures all are. :)

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