This Japanese Nissan Note ad has been around for some time now. It features two guys called Rose and Mary who want to make their own Nissan Note:

This is the translated text of Rose and Mary:
Hi im mary!
Hi? im rose!
rose&mary we are!
we’re going to make a Nissan NOTE.
First you attatch the tire!
tire! …it’s no surprising!
then attach Steering wheel!
and brake pedal!
and one more brake? pedal!
Good milage!
Good milage!
and Milage Meter’s there so that you can make the milage at a glance!
at a glance? clearly!
Good milage!
Good milage!
and break pedal!
more break!?
Good-mileage,? fun-to-drive. Nissan NOTE
I have no idea if the pun of this commercial is supposed to be the Ken & Mary Skyline reference, but it surely would be very funny if it were!