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Video: Aristo automatic drifting in Tochigi

I liked this short drift video in Tochigi a lot:

Not only do we see a 6 to 7 cars drifting snakelike all the way up a mountain in Tochigi, we also see Nomuken sitting shotgun in a Toyota Aristo (aka Lexus GS300) with automatic gearbox! The driver does manages to drift most corners and keep up with the S15 up front and the S14 behind him!

These first generation GS300s are already up for grabs for under 3000 euros, so that is very tempting! Only thing that is holding me back is the road tax: about 1000 euros per year! Compare that to the zero euros I pay for the Carina! :O

BTW: The plings indicate the huge dents in the guardrails!


  1. B-san

    He does quite a good job for an automatic!

    PS.: When can we the next Minkara guide? ^^
    (I’m having a hard to finding out how to upload photo’s =^.^=)

  2. banpei

    Yeah, I know… Still supposed to write that when I have the time but as always too many things at hand.
    Can someone borrow me some time? Well give it back with interest! :P

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