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Carina Sightings: Lebanese Carina TA60

I found this drifting Lebanese Carina sedan some time ago on Youtube:

Judging from the looks the drift is initiated by applying the handbrake. It reminds me of how my Carina with open diff currently drifts: getting it sideways by using speed and momentum and praying you can keep it sideways more than half of the corner…

And compared to an AE86 it really looks like you are drifting in slow-motion:

This one is done nicely though:

Anyway, it is nice to find a Carina located somewhere else than Japan, Australia or Europe. I didn’t even know they had them in the middle east! :)


  1. alaa mallak

  2. alaa mallak

    this is my new video in toyota carina 1983 ta60 1.6 dx stock.

  3. alaa mallak

    facebook: Alaa Mallak

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