No hilarious posting today? Well I already posted something radical earlier this week, and this US commercial is somewhat hilarious as well! ;)

I know it sounds a bit weird dissing the AE86, but I had a very good laugh when I watched this US commercial of the new Toyota Corolla GT-S AE86! It is cheesy, it is very US and it even has a (double) Toyota jump in the end!

It takes guts to redesign one of the worlds most popular cars! (eclipse and lightning sound!)
Introducing the new Toyota Corolla…reborn!
This sports liftback was reborn to please you with its balanced handling!
Reborn to please your friends with its surprising performance!
Reborn to please anyone with its low Toyota price!
The 1984 Toyota Corolla sports liftback!
Reborn to please the world! (another eclipse and lightning sound!)

Okay I admit: they were right about the car. It surely pleased me with its handling, it surely did please my friends with its surprising performance, it surely had a very low price and apart from me it also did please the world by featuring as main car in Initial D! :D

Direct link to video: Retro Toyota Corolla Ad – 1984