Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Video: Run, Beemer! Run!

Back in the early 90s I loved BMWs and especially the looks of the BMW E31 and even the “poor mans” 840Ci had a (back then) potent 286hp V8 in it… In the late 90s I refound myself and started to like the Japanese cars more, especially Toyotas and Nissans… I think this video sums up my own reflection perfectly:

The poor Beemer is chased down this tiny circuit by a big swarm of AE86s (sounds like a swarm of wild bees), a AA63 Carina and a Laurel C35 Toyota Chaser JZX100!
Run, Beemer! Run!


  1. kyteler

    The BMW is the star of that video, despite only getting shared camera time with the gaggle of AE86’s.

  2. banpei

    LOL! :D
    I guess it is more or less from what angle you see it! :D

  3. Dave Mitchell

    I understand your BMW – Carina liking…

    I took the bumper off my Carina the other day doing some minor respraying, and with the bumper off it reminded me of an old 80’s BMW shape…

  4. 7shades

    I think you’ll find that’s a JZX100, not a C35.

  5. banpei

    Thanks! Corrected that… :)
    I judged that upon the taillights, but after watching the video a few times more it certainly is a JZX100!

  6. banpei

    Got any pictures of that? :P

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