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DOTS: Cars with identity crisis

Sometimes you come across cars with some form of identity crisis. It is easy to spot the obvious like a rebadged Mitsubishi Lancer as an EVO VI or something like that. But sometimes you can come across cars that think they are actually from another brand, just like this Honda Civic EG thinking it is a Mazda MX3:
Honda Civic EG MX3
Honda Civic EG MX3

Wait? What’s that? A MX3??

According to these fake stick on chrome letters it is a MX3:
Honda Civic EG MX3
Honda Civic EG MX3

And the owner actually knows he is driving a Honda Civic since he also stuck that on the hatch as well!

Another one with identity crisis is this Nissan Navara (aka Hardbody Truck in the US):
Nissan Navara VW
Nissan Navara VW

The owner clearly owns a VW Type 2 T3 van so maybe the ornament of the VW mysteriously traded places? Or maybe a silent wish of the owner?? Or maybe he was inspired by my posting about a Nissan 720 pickup with a similar identity crisis! ;)
The car is not a Nissan Navara but a VW Taro (rebadged Toyota Hilux)!


  1. Ricer

    Hi! That car is VW Taro, in Finland we have someof those, i think that it is lisenced from Toyota Hilux :)

  2. banpei

    Thanks for clearing that up! A bit stupid from my side since I could have found that out if only I looked up the registration in the RDW database. :(
    The VW Taro was never sold in the Netherlands and this is an imported Taro…
    Since it is a rebadged Hilux the Taro is still a pickup with identity crisis. :P

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