Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Commerical time: Honda See are EX

It is almost two weeks since I last posted a commercial, so how about these CR-X commercials? They surely are typical early 80s commercials with their music by Salon Music and their comic like photo animation!

The name CRX was even more cleverly chosen than the, already famous, SX designation. The song pronounces it clearly as See are EX. Now guess what you could get if you bought this car??

Another one:

And another one with different music:

Now compare that to the Japanese CR-Z commercial:

It looks like they still like the copy-paste functionality and the retro-electro music could almost be 80s if it weren’t for the voice pitch tuning…

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  1. Laurens

    The third is f**k**g amazing! beautifully styled!!

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