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Carina Sightings: Bosozoku Style Carina coupe

June 30, 2010 in carina sightings by banpei

I already posted this Carina on last monday, but I really have to share it here! The Carina is a bit hard to detect under all that extra bodywork, but if you look close enough you will surely recognize it as a Carina coupe! To be more exact: it is the white car @0:10, 0:15, 0:24, 3:06, 3:12, so more than enough opportunities to see it! 😉

Initially I thought there was a Toyota Celica A60 underneath all those spoilers and wings. With the front and rear section gone it was a bit hard to see: the mid section of the A60 is shared between the Ceclia and Carina coupe and they are almost identical to eachother. The headlights kind of revealed it to me: the parkinglights in the middle were gone. Then I looked at the doorhandles, sure enough they are older type sticking out of the bodywork and not sunken into the door. And last I saw the vertical stripes on the B pilar which was only on the Carina and not on the Celica.

I have been searching several sites for more videos/pictures of this car, but so far none of my searches have proved to be fruitful. When I do find more on this car I’ll certainly post more about it! 🙂

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WTF: AE86 disco LED tail lights?

June 28, 2010 in WTF by banpei

Probably already posted one hundred times before, but nevertheless some very interesting AE86 taillights:

I did see some ordinary led taillights for the AE86 before but these tail lights from Wataruworks are just insane! 😀

In case you really want them, you can buy them from Wataruworks at Auctions Yahoo. (And use a company like Rinkya to get them handled and shipped!)
Lucky enough Wataruworks also sell normal looking led lights… 😉

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DOTS: 1992 red Honda Beat

June 27, 2010 in dots by banpei

I already thought finding a Toyota FJ Cruiser would be quite unique, but when I looked a bit further down the road I spotted a small tiny red cabriolet: a red Honda Beat! Opposed to the (RHD) Suzuki Cappuchino the Honda Beat was never sold in Europe, let alone in the Netherlands! So this Beat only drove 12 years of its life on the Japanese soil!
Down on the Street: FJ Cruiser and Honda Beat
Down on the Street: FJ Cruiser and Honda Beat

So unless you would go to a JDM car meeting this should be a quite unique shot!

I’ll come back to the FJ Cruiser in a later DOTS, this week is focussed upon the Beat!
Down on the Street: red 1992 Honda Beat
Down on the Street: red 1992 Honda Beat

I did see a Honda Beat in the Netherlands before on the Japan Classic Sunday (see here and here) but in my memory that one was not as small as this one… Must be my memory backing up I guess..

The Honda Beat is such a tiny car that getting closer to the Beat didn’t result in the Beat getting actually any larger in sight! You could almost put one transverse in that FJ Cruiser!

Talking about transverse: the Honda beat did get a transverse engine in the rear: a tiny 656 cc with ITB (Individual Throttle Bodies) managing to squeeze 64hp out of that tiny engine without a turbo! Truly amazing! I wonder if the owner actually managed to squeeze out more…

Down on the Street: red 1992 Honda Beat
Down on the Street: red 1992 Honda Beat

Up front you can see some blueish aftermarket headlights and some nice rims (anyone got an idea what they are?), so probably the owner is an enthusiast! 🙂

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Ove Andersson and his TA64 Toyota Celica

June 26, 2010 in TA64 by banpei

This cool video shows how Ove Andersson’s driving is being monitored in the 4T-GTE Twincam Turbo Celica by the TRD engineers in the early 80s. Simple setups with rubberbands and pullys, a single registration unit… Back in those days state of the art technique!

I love it how easy and relaxed Ove is driving: full throttle, steering madly and driving on the edge wearing nothing more than a tiny helmet, a pair of sunglasses, a polo and shorts. And that 4T-GTE sound! Awesome!!

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Hilarious: Bunta drives a Toyota Picnic!

June 25, 2010 in hilarious by banpei

What would Bunta Fujiwara drive in 2008?

A Toyota Ipsum (called Picnic outside Japan):

Funny he didn’t buy a Toyota Estima because the Ipsum is FWD and the Estima RWD (MR).

The Japanese Estima may be a bit less well equiped than the American supercharged version, but it sure does have potential:

Manji drifing on the streight!!! 😀

So the big question is: why would Bunta Fujiwara favor the Ipsum above the Estima then? IMO I think it is quite natural of Bunta to do such a thing: Takumi first learns to drive the Trueno AE86 (FR layout) really hard. Then he gets beaten by Bunta in an AWD Impreza, so he has to learn to drive that AWD really hard as well. Logically Bunta would then have to beat Takumi with a FWD, so what better car to totally humiliate Takumi with???
Right: the Toyota Ipsum!

Edit: video doesn’t work anymore, so here is a picture to compensate that:
Toyota Ipsum (picnic) next to Fujiwara Tofu shop
Toyota Ipsum (picnic) next to Fujiwara Tofu shop

Picture was found here

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Hilarious: Bosozoku car chase (stop motion)

June 25, 2010 in hilarious by banpei

I had a good laugh when I watched this stop motion animation of two bosozoku style cars being chased by the Japanese police:

The video is called Tomica “Brothers race shop”. The two brothers drive a Nissan Skyline KPGC10 and a Nissan Skyline KDR30 Super Silhouette (replica) and even manage to get the military involved… The video was made by CARBOY0604 and his son. Love the way the music shifts from scene to scene. 😉

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