The sound of this 3T-GTE is one of the most amazing sounds I’ve heard so far!

If you wonder what the engine is: it is the Toyota 1.8 litre 3T engine with a Yamaha DOHC head slapped upon it. It was a quite normal practice for Toyota to do such a thing to beef up their normal engines. However if that wasn’t enough the Yamaha head featured dual spark and Toyota added a big Toyota CT-20 turbo charger on top of it. The 3T engine normally produced somewhere between the 70 and 105 hp (depending on the market and amount of carbs), but this turbo charged dual spark dual overhead cam beauty managed to squeeze out 160hp! Since Toyota kept the six cylinders to the Celica XX alone this 160hp engine was featured in the normal Celica and (lucky enough) its sister models Carina and Corona. Now if only I could lay my hands upon one! ;)