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Carina Sightings: Toyota Carina TA40 DL

This week not a drifting Carina, not a JDM model, nor an A60 series Carina but rather an older model: a TA40 Carina. Why? Well, just because I kind of liked it:
Toyota Carina TA40 DL
Toyota Carina TA40 DL

This bumperless chicken fenced Carina looked kind of awesome to me. It reminded me of the old school tuning from some ten years ago where everybody was just doing DIY tuning.
The rims are a very nice finishing touch. :)

Toyota Carina TA40 DL
Toyota Carina TA40 DL

Also the towhook is a nice touch. If you remove the bumper, just keep the towhook to avoid parking damage. ;)

Toyota Carina TA40 DL
Toyota Carina TA40 DL

The interior looks great: just as it came from the factory back in 1979.

Toyota Carina TA40 DL
Toyota Carina TA40 DL

And this is the biggest surprise: the DL (or rather DLX) should actually have a 2T engine and not the double carbed 2TB like the ST used to have. I think the previous owner thought the same as I did: cheap 10hp power increase! ;)

You can find the car for sale here:
Toyota Carina DL TA40 on Marktplaats


  1. Farzan

    Hi, i have a 1979 TA40 and looking for the original radio. you know one for sale?
    any other body or light part is also welcome!


    • banpei

      Perhaps the new owner of this TA40 has one for sale now. I’ll ask him after I return from holiday.

      • wj

        The new owner of this car does not want to sell the original stereo, sorry :)

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