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Carina Sightings: Carina van TA67 rustoseum

In one of my rustoseum searches I came across a very sorry looking Carina TA67 van left behind in the middle of nowhere:
Toyota Carina TA67 rustoseum
Toyota Carina TA67 rustoseum

All windows are gone, roof looks like it could serve as a pool and the inside looks like a farmer used it as a shed. :D

Toyota Carina TA67 rustoseum
Toyota Carina TA67 rustoseum

You can see big dents on the side and the side mouldings are missing everywhere except on the rear door.

There are two things I would actually have wanted from this Carina: the round headlights (I can at least start a collection then!) and the wind deflectors.


  1. paulo michael

    i also like round headlights(quad lights) for my t140!=)
    the corona t140 has that style of headlights too but it’s quite rare.

  2. banpei

    Well, the round lights were shared between the A60 and T140 platform in case of the van and taxi. See also here:

  3. U.E.G.Dayarathna

    I want to buy front and rear buffers and front grill with light set.

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