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DOTS: Miata hunting! (part 6)

I’m already at part six of the Miata Hunting features! This time it will be an all black edition, so get ready for three black Miatas/MX5s!
Black Mazda MX5 mk2 NB
Black Mazda MX5 mk2 NB

This one was shot next to a horse riding school, so maybe a rich lady riding horses? Why not ride her 142 black horses then?

Black Mazda Miata mk1 NA
Black Mazda Miata mk1 NA

This black Miata was parked on my way to work. The neighborhood isn’t that good, so seeing this car kind of surprised me… The car is an American import and was imported over 10 years ago. It still looks great, so that was another surprise. ;)

Black Mazda MX5 mk1 NA
Black Mazda MX5 mk1 NA

This originally Dutch MX5 was parked about 200 meters away from the previous Miata (same neighborhood) on the same morning. Another surprise! I definitely had a busy morning still managed to get to work in time! ;)


  1. B-San

    Nice Roadsters again. That NB looks more BRG than black on the photo. Could be me tough. :) Also quite strange so see a NA Miata with a OEM MX-5 foglight. Good thing is these cars are cheap as chips these days. So its not like you only see them in the “better” neighborhoods. Tough, I’d be scared of someone ripping your soft-top apart.

  2. banpei

    It is black, but my right side window was very dirty! :D
    Maybe the Miata had a rear collision damage and had its bumper replaced including the foglight? But I agree that is is quite weird…

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