Video: Nissan Skyline C110 development

Video: Nissan Skyline C110 development

I found an early 70s documentary about the development of the Nissan Skyline C110! It starts with the Prince R380 video I posted some time ago and continues with a C110 driving through Tokyo at 2:44:

The only touges we saw in the past were nicely paved mountain passes with screaming twin cams drifting in a downhill battle. Nice to see there were actually rough touges in the 70s!

The end of the first and second video continue on the design and testing of the C110:

The test track is, of course, the Oppama Grandrive. Funny to see they already covered the looks of the testcars/prototypes with black cloth as well back then!

The end of the second video and almost all of the third video concentrate on the Prince R380 and Skyline C10 racing history:

Some very famous races can be watched in these videos!

The end of the third video and the beginning of the fourth video show the crash testing of the C110:

The amount of vintage J-tin in that crash test wreck yard is heartbreaking! 🙁

I must say this is one of the nicest vintage videos I’ve seen in ages!

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