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Video: Heartbreaking Nissan Skyline C110 crash tests

I found an early 70s short documentary about the development of the Nissan Skyline C110! It starts with the the C110 development, then moves to manufacturing of a C110 and then comparing a C110 to previous generations around 2:00 with a four-split screen.

Skyline C110 development and manufacturing

The only touges we saw in the past were nicely paved mountain passes with screaming twin cams drifting in a downhill battle. Nice to see there were actually rough touges in the 70s!

Skyline crash test

The end of the first and second video continue on the design and crash testing of the Skyline C110:

The test track is, of course, the Oppama Grandrive. Funny to see they already covered the looks of the testcars/prototypes with black cloth as well back then! And just when you think everything is going well they show the C110 Skyline crash test! What’s even more heartbreaking are all those crashed C110s piled up with foliage growing through them.

I must say this is one of the nicest vintage videos I’ve seen in ages!

Hayai! The new Prince R380!

hiroun156 posted this fantastic video about testing the Prince R380 on Youtube:

During its testing you can see it drives with an average of 250km/h on the big testing course. Not bad for a first attempt by Prince to beat the Porsche 906 on the Fuji Speedway with a mere 200hp engine! Not only did it beat the Porsches in 1966 but it set some new land speed records! Hayai!

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