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Carina sightings: Corona CT141 taxi at JCCA NYM 2010

Not entirely a Carina this week, but it is as near as it can be:
Toyota Corona CT141 taxi
Toyota Corona CT141 taxi

The Corona T140 series featured the last of the Corona lineup used as a taxi! The Corona T140 taxi was basically a Corona in the middle with a Carina A60 front and rear end.

After the T14 series taxi was finally phased out in 1991 Toyota replaced it with the Crown S130 taxi lineup, which became a separate model from the S150 model (Toyota Comfort) onwards.

It is beautiful to see someone saved one of these ubiquitous taxis and remained it as close to stock as possible! The only thing missing in this picture is the taxi sign on the roof! :)

Found at Life doodling.

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  1. Laksen

    Corona Ct141 Nice Picthure

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