Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Hilarious: Autozam AZ-1 hauling an extra set of tires!

I spotted this funny picture on Doriten’s blog:
Need extra space on your Autozam AZ-1?
Need extra space on your Autozam AZ-1?

I did see the Autozam AZ-1 once on a JDM classics meeting and it is so small that I could never ever fit in one! Not even in the passenger seat! So I can understand the owner ingeniously placed a rack behind the AZ-1!

Oh, and who is that guy in suit? Chief Daimon from Seibu Keisatsu?


  1. N/Aontherun

    I’ve loved Az-1’s ever since Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero. Yea, I’m corny, but I love that game.

    I hear that they are rare and just as expensive as a FD in JDMLand

  2. banpei

    They are quite rare for such a young kei-car, but you can pick up one between 600000 yen ($6000) and 1600000 ($17000) at Goo-net.

    On the other hand: if you can fit in one it is certainly worth every penny! :)

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