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DOTS: Miata hunting! (part 2)

This week more I continue with some more Miata hunting!

First of all this MX5 caused a lot of pain:
Mazda MX5 mk2
Mazda MX5 mk2

It came around the corner quite quickly when I was on my bike. I immediately grabbed my camera, pointed it to the car and turned around to take a picture. I was just in time to take the picture. Doing this maneuver strained my back because I was still sitting on my bike. ;)

This red Miata was parked in a multi-story car park:
Mazda Miata (or 323?)
Mazda Miata (or 323?)

Never seen it there before but immediately took a picture of it. :)
When I looked it up at the license plate register it turned out to be registered as a Mazda 323 1.6 instead of the Mazda MX5 I would have expected it to be registered on. The car was imported to the Netherlands in 2001, so that could not have been the reason to register it as a 323. And even tax evasion (import taxes are based upon luxury options as AC and PS) could not have been the case… Maybe the worker at the register could not come up with the MX5 designation and registered it as a 323?

Last one for this week:
Mazda MX5
Mazda MX5

This originally Dutch first generation MX5 was registered on the very last day of 1992. It is currently owned by the same owner for almost 11 years now! Now that is certainly a faithful owner! :)


  1. B-San

    Nice miatas again. But really strange the red one is reg’d as a 323. I guess its just a error in the RDW database. A while ago i checked a car and it said its APK (MOT) expired in 1995 while the car simply has had its checks all trough the years. :)

  2. banpei

    Yes, the database could be wrong on this one…
    I thought of another possibility: either the car was stolen and got its plates swapped from another Mazda… Or the owner steals gas and swapped the plates to make someone else look like the culprit?

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