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DOTS: Miata hunting!

Ever since I started doing the Down on the Street series I thought it was amazing how many Mazda MX5s (aka Miata in the US and Roadster in Japan) I saw on the streets. Since I thought it was quite odd I started taking (quick) pictures of every single one of them I encountered.

For instance I saw this one parked next to a private apartment/housing block. I could not go in there without lifting a chain at the entrance and trespassing the private parking lot, so I took the picture from the street.
Mazda MX5 parked next to an apartment block
Mazda MX5 parked next to an apartment block

It is also funny to see how many Miatas are imported from the US! I think about 50% of all cars I’ve seen so far were actually imported Mazda Miatas! This red Miata is no exception to that:
I pass this Red Mazda Miata every day
Red Mazda Miata

I actually pass this red Miata every day (going to work) and still I have only two pictures of it taken with the crappy camera. Shame on me!

This is another Miata I pass every day:
I pass this White Mazda Miata every day as well
White Mazda Miata

But then on my way to the nursery of my son. This one has got a big dent in it and has been parked there for ages now without moving… Currently the dent is starting to rust and the car itself is starting to look brown due to the amount of leafs on the car… Feels a bit like a deja vu!

Next time more Miatas! ;)


  1. B-San

    Oh, sadly you didn’t spot mine Classic Red NA :)
    White is a pretty rare color here in Holland. Tough i think its still one of the best colors for the MX. Is it really not been drivin’ in ages? This would be an awesome cheap drift-bullit for me :O

    Keep them comming!

  2. banpei

    There are more coming up in the next weeks, so maybe yours will be spotted as well! :D :D

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