TonyA. from FuzzyFeeling posted some old videos from some Silvias drifting on Mikuni pass way way back in 2003 by Youtube user kcrmsr. kcrmsr posted some other videos as well so naturally I browsed all of them till there was no video left to watch. ;)

This one was a quite funny one, where he is doing an Itsuki in one of the Silvias (starting at 1:09):

People who have seen Initial D will probably know exactly what I mean with doing an Itsuki, for others: in the episode “The Rainy Downhill!” from Stage One Kenta Nakamura (member of the Red Suns) challenges Takumi for a downhill race in the rain on Mt. Myogi. Takumi accepts and asks Itsuki (who hitched a ride from Takumi) to sit on the rear bench of the Trueno. In effect Itsuki adds extra weight on the rear wheels while tumbling from left to right (and vice versa) through the interior of the Trueno.

As you can see, IRL it is the same. The guy can’t even sit straight while cornering the first three turns and on the last turn he almost ticks over…