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Hilarious: Star Trek versus tokusatsu!

If you thought tokusatsu was bad, the first Star Trek series was even worse:

It has got it all:
– Slow motion fighting? Check!
– Good guys in spandex and bad guys in rubber suits? Check!
– Fighting in deserted remote areas? Check!
– Lifting heavy boulders and throwing them in a straight line while landing 30 feet higher than the angle was pointing to? Check!
Yes, Captain Kirk surely did learn a lot about tokusatsu from his crewmember Hikaru Sulu…

To give you another feast for your eyes (and something to compare to), watch this:

Now, which one was worse? Star Trek or Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman?
(Actually I did not dare to post this example for obvious reasons… I mean: one of the good guys disguising himself as Hitler? WTF!?)

Next week more tokusatsu?

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