Remembering Japanese cars from the past

DOTS: Suzuki Swift with Hello Kitty exhaust tip

I’m back from my vacation so now I will post more regularly on the blog again! :)

I’ll start with some vacation pictures of a second generation Hungarian Suzuki Swift (aka Suzuki Cultus in Japan) I spotted on the second day:
Hello Kitty exhaust tip on Hungarian Suzuki Swift (Cultus)
Hungarian Suzuki Swift (Cultus)

Nothing special you think? Well, look again at that exhaust tip:
Hello Kitty exhaust tip on Hungarian Suzuki Swift (Cultus)
Hello Kitty exhaust tip on Hungarian Suzuki Swift (Cultus)

I did see some pictures of these things on the internet but never saw one in real life! So of course I had to shoot these two pictures of it. ;)


  1. XJS

    That’s a great shot, congrats! :) Where is it came from? You were in Hungary, and we didn’t have a beer? It’s a shame. :)

    Check this:

    TRD sticker with Hello Kitty. My favorite. :)

  2. banpei

    I love that sticker! Need to get one myself as well! :)

    The car was parked behind the postoffice in Körmend, the town where my wife is from. Got a few more pictures, so upcoming weeks more DOTS!

    Sorry we could not meet up! We only went 10 days to Hungary this year and spent 5 of them as our honeymoon so all other days were spent with visiting family and travelling. ?´?????

  3. XJS

    Honeymoon, yeah! All the best! The hungarian girls are the best! :D

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