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WTF: Hello Kitty Bus II (the revenge)

About a year ago I posted a Hello Kitty bus spotted at the JCCA NYM 2012, but that Hello Kitty bus is nothing compared to this pink monster: This bus has been spotted at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 by Car heal space

Hilarious: Hello Chaser

Yes, another hilarious posting today! This picture was too funny not to post. 😉 Hello Chaser JZX100 Now that’s a Chaser that will certainly not be forgotten when it goes sideways on any circuit! 😛 Found at Doritens blog about a pink meeting in March.

DOTS: Suzuki Swift with Hello Kitty exhaust tip

I’m back from my vacation so now I will post more regularly on the blog again! 🙂 I’ll start with some vacation pictures of a second generation Hungarian Suzuki Swift (aka Suzuki Cultus in Japan) I spotted on the second day: Hungarian Suzuki Swift (Cultus) Nothing special you think? Well, look again at that exhaust…

Surprise by the previous car owner

I think we all have bought a car in the past which held really nice surprises. For instance my good old trusty Trueno had a really nice surprise of a thick layer of bitumen to cover a really badly rusted spot. Or my new TA60 Carina had the really nice surprise of having retro tires…