Remembering Japanese cars from the past

Anyone familiar with Pixel Car Life?

I just stumbled across it tonight while searching for something else. Reading the description (Official Pixel Car Role Playing Game) kind of made me almost click away, but since I played forum based role playing games in the past it made me curious and I started reading the introduction. From what I understand it is a car related role playing game which actually is quite well balanced.

I tried to register, but unfortunately they don’t accept new members anymore. So that’s why I’m asking: anyone familiar with Pixel Car Life?


  1. okoye

    i used to use that site since about 05 its pretty cool and most guys are welcoming

  2. banpei

    Thanks! Great to see someone playing that rpg! :)
    I was wondering as well if it were possible to have your own car… For instance: I would love to own a TA63 Carina if I would have an account on that site… Or should I be satisfied with the availability of at least something as special as the Toyota Mark II?

  3. Gnar Kill

    Recently we had about a ton of spam bots on our site sending virus links to our members so the admins closed the registration down.

  4. Anonymous

    I am an Admin on and registration should be opened shortly.

  5. banpei

    I suffer from them on all my blogs and the AEU86 forum. It is too bad you had to close the registrations, but great news you are opening up again soon! :)

  6. Eksale

    Not sure if you’re still thinking about playing, but I used to play PCL back in the day (makes me feel old! haha) and decided to see if they’d opened up registration yet and it appears as though they have!

    Just signed up for a new account since I’m pretty sure my old one was deleted.

    It’s rather fun to play, and though they don’t have every single car available, there is a pretty huge selection!


  7. pedro

    how come i cant create an account

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