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Carina Sightings: Cockroach Carina coupe

Kinloud just posted this video on Youtube with a very very very very rusty AA60 Carina coupe powered by a mighty 3A-U:

Apparently the 3A-U doesn’t have enough horses under the hood, so it is also helped by some cockroaches. I have no clue what HP a cockroach generates though. :D


  1. kinloud

    Hi – glad you like my carina videos… I must have owned about 10 carinas in the past but only have 1 now. My AA63 Carina racecar, about to get a new 4agte motor and about 200kw! I can’t wait. Ken

  2. banpei

    That would be an awesome Carina then!
    By chance referring to is this Carina?

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