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Carina Sightings: Karl Skewes Carina AA60 Coupe

I found some old videos of Karl Skewes (Garage Dori) drifting a Carina Coupe AA60 in the D1NZ. I presume the car either once started out as an AA60 or a TA60 and got converted to a smallport 4AGE. The car itself has a solid axle (upgraded with hilux diff) so that part was not upgraded to IRS.

As you can see the Carina has great cornering abilities:

And it is powerful enough to manji on the straight:

And in this video it looks like his Carina is an easy car to drift:

Now if only my Carina would do that this easy! :o

I also found some nice pics on the Garage Dori website:
Karl Skewes's Toyota Carina AA60 with Hosinos at the rear!
Karl Skewes’s Toyota Carina AA60 with Hosinos at the rear!

Looks like a very tough car to me with those matte black Work Equips at the front and the Hoshinos at the rear!

Karl Skewes drifting with his Toyota Carina AA60
Karl Skewes drifting with his Toyota Carina AA60

From what I understood was that back then Karl’s number one car was an orange AE70 (he used that in D1NZ 2005 round 3) but for some reason he used the AA60 for the fourth round. He still managed to get 8th with the Carina during that fourth round! :)

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  1. Karl

    Thanks for the write up and linking in the videos. Glad you liked it. :)

    It was a great car that, and I had it since 2002. It went through a variety of different engine conversions.
    Those videos are from near its end of life with smallport 4age.

    The orange AE70 was built to replace it.
    The engine and suspension and megasquirt etc were used in the AE70 where possible, and lots of parts were upgraded. So, I?never had them both going at one time.

    The AE70 was ultimately a better car but the Carina sure was fun.

    Feel free to hit me up, or our websites board anytime.


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