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Culture shock: Smokey Nagata and his Nissan Skyline V35 GTR

Some people may know Kazuhiko “Smokey” Nagata from his wild stunt at the British M1 almost a decade ago. Well, his looks are still the same: he still looks like he just walked out of 1991. :D

I found this video about him and his Top Secret GT-R R35 Skyline V35, I guess fall 2008, and the contrast between him (1991) and the GT-R (2008) Skyline V35 (2005) is enormous! Have a look at almost 15 years of culture shock:

I really think he does amazing things! It is a 720hp V8 powered GT-R. He tuned a VQ30DETT to 720hp, while during the Super GT series (JGTC) that engine only had an output of 480hp, so that’s an enormous increase in power!

According to Smokey Nagata the car itself does 330km/h, but when he takes it out on the German autobahn it even gets as fast as 343km/h! That’s insane! Ah well, he may look a bit dull but atleast his life isn’t. ;)

Edit: I found an English translation of the last part of the video:


  1. KoguchiPower

    Is it me or is there no GT-R R35 in the video? Its an Skyline V35… All R-skylines had a RB engine, the V-skylines had a VQ indeed. And there is no GT-R model of the V-series Skylines. Still a great car tough!

  2. banpei

    You are absolutely right!
    All sources of this movie and also Smokey Nagata speak of the V35 GTR, but it is NOT a GTR! After searching I still haven’t found the exact date he did that trick, but I think it must be somewhere around 2005.

    It is indeed a V35 and back then there was no GTR, so I recon Top Secret named it GTR because of the V8 swap. Currently they do have a Top Secret white R35, so I guess I messed it up with that one. ;)

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